662200 Activities of insurance agents and brokers

This type includes:

  • activities of insurance agents and brokers (insurance intermediaries) in selling, negotiating or soliciting of annuities and insurance and reinsurance policies

agents of insurance; General agency; Insurance agency; insurance agents

Codification rules

Insurance company / General insurance agency

Insurance companies cover the risk of insurance activity. General agencies, in contrast, do not cover any risk. Their task consists in brokering insurance. Two types of general insurance agency can be identified, dependent and independent ones.

Dependent general agencies belong entirely to the relevant insurance company, whom they represent on the ground.

Independent general agencies are not directly tied to an insurance comany and act as insurance brokers (insurance intermediaries).

651 *: Insurances (> dependent general agency)
651 * : Insurances (> insurance company)
662200: Activities of insurance agents and brokers (> independent general agency.