016100 Support activities for crop production

This type includes:

  • agricultural activities on a fee or contract basis:
  • preparation of fields
  • establishing a crop
  • treatment of crops
  • crop spraying, including by air
  • trimming of fruit trees and vines
  • transplanting of rice, thinning of beets
  • harvesting
  • pest control (including rabbits) in connection with agriculture
  • maintenance of agricultural land in good agricultural and environmental condition
  • operation of agricultural irrigation equipment

This type also includes:

  • provision of agricultural machinery with operators and crew

This type excludes:

  • post-harvest crop activities (see 016300)
  • drainage of agricultural land (see 431200)
  • landscape architecture (see 711103)
  • activities of agronomists and agricultural economists (see 749000)
  • landscape gardening, planting (see 813000)
  • organisation of agricultural shows and fairs (see 823000)

agrarian machines; agrarian tractors; agricultural production; conflict against pests; fruit trees and grapevines; harvest; lands, preparation; phytosanitary protection; silvicultural machines; systems of irrigation, working

Codification rules

Definition of retail trade (47)

Different selling methods:
- Specialised shop: certain type of selling NOGA: 472… - 477…
- Non-specialised shop: sale of a large range of products, NOGA: 471…
- Outside shop: on stalls, markets, internet, etc. NOGA: 478… - 479…

Food retail trade:
- NOGA 4711… Non-specialised food shops (supermarkets, etc.)
- NOGA 472… Specialised food shops
- NOGA 478100 Sale via stalls and markets
- NOGA 479100 Sale via mail order houses or via internet
- NOGA 479900 Sale via door-to-door salespersons or vending machines
- NOGA 01…. Farm products sold by the farmer
- NOGA 56…. to be consumed on-site

Corresponding NOGA2002 codes