152000 Manufacture of footwear

This type includes:

  • manufacture of footwear for all purposes, of any material, by any process, including moulding (see below for exceptions)
  • manufacture of leather parts of footwear: manufacture of uppers and parts of uppers, outer and inner soles, heels, etc.
  • manufacture of gaiters, leggings and similar articles

This type excludes:

  • manufacture of footwear of textile material without applied soles (see 141900)
  • manufacture of wooden shoe parts (e.g. heels and lasts) (see 162900)
  • manufacture of rubber boot and shoe heels and soles and other rubber footwear parts (see 221900)
  • manufacture of plastic footwear parts (see 222900)
  • manufacture of ski-boots (see 323000)
  • manufacture of orthopaedic shoes (see 325002)

boots; footwear; footwear of sports; gym shoes; heels; inner soles; leggings; outer soles; sandals; shoes in leather; slippers; soles; splippers; top of footwear; whips

Codification rules

Priority in case of multiple activities

If production, repair and sales activities are carried out, the priority is as follows :

- if production and sale: production takes priority
- if production and repair: production takes priority
- if repair and sale: repair takes priority

Outsourced activities (outsourcing)

There are several types of outsourcing, the enterprise may outsource::
• Part of a production process, classification: production
• All of a production process
o & owner of commodities, classification: production
o & non-owner of commodities, classification: section G, M or N :

For a construction enterprise:
• Part of the construction activities, classification: construction - section F

Further information:
- Introduction to NOGA 2008

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