1813 Pre-press and pre-media services

Corresponding CPA codes

  • 18.13.1 Pre-press services
  • 18.13.10 Pre-press services

    This subcategory includes:

    • composition, typesetting, phototypesetting, data-input including scanning and optical character recognition, electronic makeup services
    • document creation, desktop publishing, and all other origination services
    • preparation services of digital data, e.g. enhancement, selection, linkage of digital data
    • computer aided design, computer aided manufacture, electronic processes for data-output services
    • digital imposition services
    • plate-making services including image setting and plate setting (for the printing processes letterpress and offset)
    • services of engraving or etching of cylinders for gravure
    • services of plate processes direct to plate (also photopolymer plates)
    • plates and dies for relief stamping or printing services
    • artistic work including litho stones and prepared wood blocks services
  • 18.13.2 Printing plates or cylinders and other impressed media for use in printing
  • 18.13.20 Printing plates or cylinders and other impressed media for use in printing
  • 18.13.3 Ancillary services related to printing
  • 18.13.30 Ancillary services related to printing

    This subcategory includes:

    • production services of presentation media, e.g. overhead projection foils and other digital forms of presentation
    • design services of printing products e.g. sketches, layouts, dummies etc.

Codification rules

Priority in case of multiple activities

If production, repair and sales activities are carried out, the priority is as follows :

- if production and sale: production takes priority
- if production and repair: production takes priority
- if repair and sale: repair takes priority

Outsourced activities (outsourcing)

There are several types of outsourcing, the enterprise may outsource::
• Part of a production process, classification: production
• All of a production process
o & owner of commodities, classification: production
o & non-owner of commodities, classification: section G, M or N :

For a construction enterprise:
• Part of the construction activities, classification: construction - section F

Further information:
- Introduction to NOGA 2008