4321 Electrical installation

Corresponding CPA codes

  • 43.21.1 Electrical installation works
  • 43.21.10 Electrical installation works

    This subcategory includes:

    • special trade installation works involving the installation of basic electrical wiring circuits or fittings in buildings and other construction projects
    • electrical works arising from the installation of appliances
    • electrical wiring and fitting works for emergency power supply systems
    • installation works for fire alarm systems and burglar alarm systems at the construction site
    • installation works of all types of residential antenna including satellite antenna
    • installation works of cable television lines within a building
    • electrical installation works of telecommunications wiring
    • electrical installation works of other electrical equipment, including electric solar energy collectors and baseboard heaters, of buildings
    • installation works of electricity meters
    • installation works of illumination and signalling systems for roads, airports and harbours

    This subcategory excludes:

    • installation works of electric motors, generators and transformers in power stations, see 33.20.50
    • installation works for control and safety systems for railway tracks, see 42.12.20
    • sprinkler installation works, see 43.22.11
    • installation works for heating equipment, see 43.22.12
    • fireproofing works, see 43.29.11

Codification rules

If electrical, plumbing and other construction installation (432…) and architects (711101) activities are undertaken,
electrical, plumbing and other construction installation 432… take priority.