452001 Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles

This type includes:

  • maintenance and repair of motor vehicles:
  • mechanical repairs
  • electrical repairs
  • electronic injection systems repair
  • ordinary servicing
  • repair of motor vehicle parts
  • washing, polishing
  • repair of screens and windows
  • repair of motor vehicle seats
  • tyre and tube repair, fitting or replacement
  • anti-rust treatment
  • installation of parts and accessories, not as part of the manufacturing process

This type excludes:

  • retreading and rebuilding of tyres (see 221100)
  • dismantling of end-of-life or crashed vehicles to obtain and re-sell usable parts (see 467701)

amoured, security cars; antirust treatment; automobile parts, fitting; batteries; buses; car parts, fitting; car washes; cars, car parts repair; cars, electrical repair; cars, mechanical repair; cars, polishing; cars, usual maintenance service; cars, window and windscreen repair; clutches for automobiles; concrete mixers; cranes; electric cars; engines for automobiles; internal combustion engines; lights; maintenance of cars; motors with combustion; second hand cars; towing of vehicles; trucks; tuning; tyre services; tyres; vehicles; washing of vehicles; wheels for automobiles

Codification rules

Priority in case of multiple activities

If production, repair and sales activities are carried out, the priority is as follows :

- if production and sale: production takes priority
- if production and repair: production takes priority
- if repair and sale: repair takes priority