5229 Other transportation support activities

Corresponding CPA codes

  • 52.29.1 Freight transport agency services
  • 52.29.11 Ship-broker services
  • 52.29.12 Other freight brokerage services

    This subcategory includes:

    • aircraft space brokerage services
    • other freight brokerage services n.e.c.
  • 52.29.19 Other freight transport agency services

    This subcategory includes:

    • freight forwarding services (primarily transport organisation or arrangement services on behalf of the shipper or consignee)
    • freight consolidation and break-bulk services
  • 52.29.2 Other transportation support services n.e.c.
  • 52.29.20 Other transportation support services n.e.c.

    This subcategory includes:

    • type rating services (aircraft-specific permits for flying a particular type of plane)
    • goods-handling services, e.g. temporary crating for the sole purpose of protecting the goods during transit, uncrating, sampling, weighing of goods

Codification rules

The code includes activities that are carried out before or after the shipment. This covers, for example, activities such as cargo handling, use of transport infrastructure, preparation of documents for transport or labelling for shipment etc.