532000 Other postal and courier activities

This type includes:

  • pickup, sorting, transport and delivery (domestic or international) of letter-post and (mail-type) parcels and packages by firms operating outside the scope of a universal service obligation. One or more modes of transport may be involved and the activity may be carried out with either self-owned (private) transport or via public transport.

This type also includes:

  • home delivery services

This type excludes:

city courier services; courier service; home delivery services, courier services; letters, parcels, packages, small items, collection, forwarding, delivery; mail, distribution by bike

Codification rules

Food service and hospitality activities

The code 561003 must not be used.

Related codes and definitions:

If the valued added mainly comes from the sale of:
• Beverages: code under bars
563001: bar, café, etc.
563002: discotheque, night club, etc.
• Meals: code under restaurants
561001: restaurant, take-away, mobile food carts, etc.
561002: restaurant providing accommodation
562100: catering service
562900: mass catering, cafeteria and staff canteen

Further information:
If the food delivery is also prepared by the delivery person
561001: If the food is also prepared by the delivery person
532000: Delivery only, the food is prepared by another enterprise
562100: The food is prepared by another enterprise but it is the delivery company that buys the ingredients and takes the risks
479900: Sale of food and drinks in vending machines