591200 Motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities

This type includes post-production activities such as editing, film/tape transfers, titling, subtitling, credits, closed captioning, computer-generated graphics, animation and special effects, developing and processing motion picture film, as well as activities of motion picture film laboratories and activities of special laboratories for animated films.

This type also includes:

  • activities of stock footage film libraries, etc.

This type excludes:

  • film duplicating (except reproduction of motion picture film for theatrical distribution) as well as audio and video tape, CD or DVD reproduction from master copies (see 182000)
  • wholesale of recorded video tapes, CD-s, DVD-s (see 464302)
  • wholesale of blank video tapes, CD-s (see 465200)
  • retail trade of video tapes, CD-s, DVD-s (see 476300)
  • film processing other than for the motion picture industry (see 742002)
  • renting of video tapes, DVD-s to the general public (see 772200)
  • activities of own account actors, cartoonists, directors, stage designers and technical specialists (see 900)

audio-video editing services; audiovisual technician; developing and processing motion picture film; film animations; film archives, activities; films, trailers of, closing credits; films, transfer to tape; motion picture activities; motion picture, editing; motion picture, post-production activities; motion picture, titling, subtitling; multi-media contents, manufacture; recording studios, activities; special effects, films; special studios for cartoons, activities; synchronization of films

Corresponding NOGA2002 codes