661200 Security and commodity contracts brokerage

This type includes:

  • dealing in financial markets on behalf of others and related activities
  • securities brokerage (shares, debentures)
  • commodity contracts brokerage
  • activities of bureaux de change, etc.

This type excludes:

  • dealing in markets on own account (see 649901)
  • portfolio management, on a fee or contract basis (see 663002)

actions, intermediation for thirds; bitcoin, cryptocurrency; Broker; Coins/Tokens, Trading; Crypto trading; Cryptocurrency, Trading; currencies; daytrading; Digital currency, Trading; emissions trading, cap and trade; financial brokers; financial intermediaries; foreign exchange offices, change money; NFT Non-fungible Tokens Trade; Non-fungible tokens, NFT; stockbroking; Virtual currency brokering; Virtual currency, Trading

Codification rules

Until this topic is revised, this type of transaction is coded in 661200 Security and commodity contracts brokerage (trading). If the activity is related to the programming of these technologies, it will be coded in IT programming.

Mining : financial 66xx / non-financial 62xx
Future exchange business (6612 / 6619)
Blockchain : supporting technology (auxiliary activities are not coded)