791100 Travel agency activities

This type includes:

  • activities of agencies, primarily engaged in selling travel, tour, transportation and accommodation services on a wholesale or retail basis to the general public and commercial clients

plane tickets; travel agencies; travel information, travel advice, travel planning

Codification rules

Sharing activities (sharing economy)

During discussions it was decided not to consider the computer-related economic activity, but the service provided.
Online platform for taxi reservations
493200 - taxi reservation centre services

Online platform for hotel reservations
791100 - travel agency activities, such as various kinds of transport and accommodation

Online platform for holiday apartment reservations
552001 - holiday apartments, holiday homes

Travel, transport and events

Travel agencies / Tour operator

791100: Travel agency (reservation of transport, accommodation, etc.)
Advises, recommends and sells travel arrangements to clients according to their needs

791200: Tour operator, travel escort
Assembles several supplier services (airlines, hotels, restaurants, guides, etc.) and sells them all inclusively

799001: Tourist accommodation reservation services
Reservation service for hotels and holiday accommodation

799002: Free-time activity and holiday reservation
Reservation service for transport, entertainment
Tour guides and provision of tourist information
Activities promoting tourism


Related codes and definitions:
Airline offices may have three different NOGA codes depending on their activities:
791100: Transport reservation services (flight, vehicle rental, etc.)
511000: Passenger air transport
522300: Service activities incidental to air transportation

Further information:
Airport and air-traffic control activities, etc. ground service activities are coded 522300 …. These activities are not related to airlines.