8020 Security systems service activities

Corresponding CPA codes

  • 80.20.1 Security systems services
  • 80.20.10 Security systems services

    This subcategory includes:

    • services consisting of monitoring and maintaining security systems devices, such as burglar and fire alarms, by receiving alarm signals, confirming or checking that all systems are properly functioning, and dispatching police officers, fire department or other designated parties

    This subcategory also includes:

    • remote monitoring services

    This subcategory excludes:

    • installation services of security systems, such as burglar and fire alarms, without later monitoring, see 43.21.10
    • selling security systems, mechanical or electronic locking devices, safes and security vaults, without monitoring, installation or maintenance services, see 47.00.59
    • security consulting as a stand-alone service, see 74.90.15
    • providing key duplication services, see 95.29.19