842301 Administration of justice, courts

This type includes:

  • administration and operation of administrative civil and criminal law courts, military tribunals and the judicial system, including legal representation and advice on behalf of the government or when provided by the government in cash or services
  • rendering of judgements and interpretations of the law
  • arbitration of civil actions
  • activities carried out by real state registry offices, prosecution and bankruptcy offices, trade registry offices, etc

This type excludes:

  • advice and representation in civil, criminal and other cases (see 691001)

administrative courts; bankruptcy office; civil courts; courts; criminal courts; justice; juvenile courts; land register offices; military courts; offices for trade register; operation and offices for bankruptcy; prosecution/ public prosecution department; public administration, domain of justice

Codification rules

Particular case of public administrations

Sole enterprises (L13) can have a public NOGA code. Only the two cases mentioned below have currently been identified.

Private enterprises take over debt collection office activities in their entirety. Consequently, these enterprises are coded in Section O: Public administration.

842301 Administration of justice, courts
Private enterprises that have fire service activities are coded in Section O: Public administration

842500 Fire and rescue services

Corresponding NOGA2002 codes