855200 Cultural education

This type includes provision of instruction in the arts, drama and music. Units giving this type of instructions might be named "schools", "studios", "classes", etc. They provide formally organised instruction, mainly for hobby, recreational or self-development purposes, but such instruction does not lead to a professional diploma, baccalaureate or graduate degree.

This type includes:

  • piano teachers and other music instruction
  • art instruction
  • dance instruction and dance studios
  • drama schools (except academic)
  • fine arts schools (except academic)
  • performing arts schools (except academic)
  • photography schools (except commercial)

This type excludes:

  • foreign language instruction (see 855901)

art education, artistic education, art schools; ballet schools; Clown internships; dancing schools; dancing schools, instruction; drawings, education; models' schools; music schools; music, education; painting, education; photograph, education; schools of art; schools of magic; sculpture, education; singing, education

Codification rules

Coaching is a method for developing the potential of individuals and organisations. Coaching can therefore be applied in different economic sectors, which is why the activity will be coded in the relevant sector where it is practiced. Without concrete information, the activity will be coded in NOGA 960900.

Examples :

Sports coaching: 855100
Music coaching: 855200
Business coaching: 702200
Life coaching: 960900