869007 Other human health activities n.e.c.

This type includes:

  • activities of blood banks, sperm banks, transplant organ banks, etc.
  • ambulance transport of patients by any mode of transport including aircraft. These services are often provided during a medical emergency.
  • other human health activities not requiring practitioner licence:
  • healers' and hypnotists' activities

This type excludes:

  • healthcare organisations (see 949902)
  • beauticians' activities (see 960202)
  • transfer of patients, with neither equipment for life-saving nor medical personnel (see divisions 49, 50, 51)

air rescue; ambulance; ambulance transport; ambulances; bioresonance; blood banks; dowsing rods, dowsing rod; energetic massage; faith healers; Feldenkrais; geobiologist, diviner, dowser; health care; Hypnosis; hypnotists; lymphatic drainage; massage therapy; medical massage; NLP therapy; organ donation centers; patient transportation; reflexology; reiki; relaxology; sophrology; sperm donor centres, sperm banks; Sterilisation of medical appliances; thai massage, watsu, tuina qigong, shiatsu; zootherapist

Corresponding NOGA2002 codes