952900 Repair of other personal and household goods

This type includes repair of personal and household goods:

  • repair of bicycles
  • repair and alteration of clothing
  • repair of sporting goods (except sporting guns) and camping equipment
  • repair of books
  • repair of musical instruments (except organs and historical musical instruments)
  • repair of toys and similar articles
  • repair of other personal and household goods
  • piano-tuning

This class also includes:

  • providing key duplication services

This type excludes:

  • repair of hand held power tools (see 331200)
  • repair of sporting and recreational guns (see 331100)

accordions; barrel organs; bathtubs and repair; Bicycles, e-bike; cameras; camping articlesing; citybikes; clothes, modification; clothing, modification; consumer goods; cooking equipment; cycles; domestic appliances, household appliances, kitchen apparatusesing; flutes; guitars; harmonies; heating equipment for households; horns; immediate services; inner tubes for bicycles; keys, copy; kitchen apparatuses; lock key service; luthiery; metronomes; monowheel, hoverboard, kick scooter; mountain bikes; mouth organ; optical apparatuses and instruments; percussion instruments; piano tuning, pianos, tuning; pianos; radiators; string instruments; Tailor's shop (repairs, alterations and tailoring of clothes); violins; violoncellos; wind instruments

Codification rules

Outsourced activities (outsourcing)

There are several types of outsourcing, the enterprise may outsource::
• Part of a production process, classification: production
• All of a production process
o & owner of commodities, classification: production
o & non-owner of commodities, classification: section G, M or N :

For a construction enterprise:
• Part of the construction activities, classification: construction - section F

Further information:
- Introduction to NOGA 2008