960900 Other personal service activities n.e.c.

This type includes:

  • astrological and spiritualists' activities
  • social activities such as escort services, dating services, services of marriage bureaux
  • pet care services such as boarding, grooming, sitting and training pets
  • genealogical organisations
  • activities of tattooing and piercing studios
  • shoe shiners, porters, valet car parkers, etc.
  • concession operation of coin-operated personal service machines (photo booths, weighing machines, machines for checking blood pressure, coin-operated lockers, etc.)

This type excludes:

  • veterinary activities (see 750000)
  • coin-operated washing machines (see 960101)
  • coin-operated gambling machines and coin-operated games (see 920000)

activities astrological, spiritualists; agencies, dating services; Allrounder; animal interpreter; astrologers; babysitting, childcare; car park attendant; care of pets, pet animals; cartomancy, fortune-telling, tarot,; cat groomers; dating agency; dietary advice for animals; doula; dressage of dogs; framing, storage coach; genealogical institutes; graphology; groomings for dogs, cats; handwriting analysis; hostesses' services; kennels; life coaching; mariage, wedding, planning; marriages, weddings, organisation, organization; massage salons, erotic; massage, erotical, eroticism; parkings; pensions for animals; pensions for cats; pet care services; pets sitting; pets sitting, treatment; pets training; pets, dressage; photo booth; piercing; piercings; porters; Prostitution; Santa Claus; seers; services of marriage bureaux; shoe shiners; singles services agencies; small jobs; soothsayers, forecasters; sorcerers, sorceresses, witches; style consultant, stylist; supervision of pets, kennels; tattoo; tattoos, studios; telephones for helping in difficult situations; Tidying coach, cleaning coach, decluttering coach; training of pets; voluntary assistance; weighing machines, management

Codification rules


Related codes and definitions:
960202: Beauty salons
960900: Other personal service activities n.e.c.

Further information:
The code 960202 (=beauty salons) includes make-up activity (permanent, non-permanent). Code 960900 includes permanent make-up activity + tatooing.

Coaching is a method for developing the potential of individuals and organisations. Coaching can therefore be applied in different economic sectors, which is why the activity will be coded in the relevant sector where it is practiced. Without concrete information, the activity will be coded in NOGA 960900.

Examples :

Sports coaching: 855100
Music coaching: 855200
Business coaching: 702200
Life coaching: 960900

Corresponding NOGA2002 codes