36.63A Other manufacturing n.e.c.

advertising articles; all kinds of whether or not mechanical instruments; animals seated with straw; Apparatus for printing labels; articles for carnivals, party, parties; articles for entertainment; articles for personal or household use; artificial flowers; artificial flowers, fruit and foliage; artificial foliage; artificial fruit; artificial fruits; atomizers of perfume; atomizers of toilet water or eau de toilette; bowling alley; buttons; candles; canes; canes seats; carousels; combs; combs; cork life preservers; cufflinks; date indicator; decorating objects made of metal; dolls from tailor; ear and noise plugs; eyebrows, false; fairground equipment; false beard; felt tip pen; fire-resistant clothing; frames for pictures, engravings, photographs; gas mask; hair slides; hairclips; hairpieces; hand printing sets; hand riddles; hand sieves; hand-operated devices for stamping labels; ignition systems; inked pads; insulating bottles; joke articles; jokes and novelties; lighters; linoleum; Magnets; manual articles for the printing; mines for pencils; models for show window; moustaches, mustaches, whisker, toothbrush moustache; nursing bottles; objects of decorating; of globes; parasol, sunshade; parts and accessories for bicycles; pencils; pens; pens and pencils of all kinds; periwigs, wigs; pins, barrettes, slides; pipe cleaners; pipes; Plastic products, colouring; prepared typewriter ribbons; protective safety clothing; protective safety equipment; Prototypes; push-buttons; refills, leads; resilient floor coverings in vinyl, linoleum; rifle ranges, fairground holidays; roundabouts; safety headgear; seals; seat-sticks; shingles, production; shooting galleries; slide fasteners; smoking pipes; stamp for numbering; stamp pads; stamps; stuffer, taxidermist; sun-umbrellas; sun-umbrellas; swings; tailors' dummies; taxidermy, activities; thermos flasks; toupees; umbrellas; umbrellas,manufacture; vacuum bottles, thermos bottles; vacuum flasks; vacuum vessels; watch bands; wax articles; whipcord; zip fasteners; zips, zippers