151200 Manufacture of luggage, handbags and the like, saddlery and harnesses

This type includes:

  • manufacture of luggage, handbags and the like, of leather, composition leather or any other material, such as plastic sheeting, textile materials, vulcanised fibre or paperboard, where the same technology is used as for leather
  • manufacture of saddlery and harness
  • manufacture of non-metallic watch bands (e.g. fabric, leather, plastic)
  • manufacture of diverse articles of leather or composition leather: driving belts, packings, etc.
  • manufacture of shoelaces, of leather
  • manufacture of horse whips and riding crops

This type excludes:

  • manufacture of leather wearing apparel (see 141100)
  • manufacture of leather gloves and hats (see 141900)
  • manufacture of footwear (see 152000)
  • manufacture of saddles for bicycles (see 309201)
  • manufacture of precious metal watch bands (see 321202)
  • manufacture of non-precious metal watch bands (see 321300)
  • manufacture of linemen's safety belts and other belts for occupational use (see 329900)

animal clothes; articles of saddlery production; articles of trip; cases for musical instruments; hand bags made of leather; leather bags; leather cases; leather industry, saddlery; raw leathers; saddler; saddlery; satchels; suitcases of leather; toilet bags made of leather; wallets; watch bands; whipcord

Codification rules

Priority in case of multiple activities

If production, repair and sales activities are carried out, the priority is as follows :

- if production and sale: production takes priority
- if production and repair: production takes priority
- if repair and sale: repair takes priority

Outsourced activities (outsourcing)

There are several types of outsourcing, the enterprise may outsource::
• Part of a production process, classification: production
• All of a production process
o & owner of commodities, classification: production
o & non-owner of commodities, classification: section G, M or N :

For a construction enterprise:
• Part of the construction activities, classification: construction - section F

Further information:
- Introduction to NOGA 2008