522300 Service activities incidental to air transportation

This type includes:

  • activities related to air transport of passengers, animals or freight:
  • operation of terminal facilities such as airway terminals, etc.
  • airport and air-traffic-control activities
  • ground service activities on airfields, etc.

This type also includes:

  • firefighting and fire-prevention services at airports

This type excludes:

air traffic, regulation and control; airfields, operation; airport services on grounds; airports, operation; control of airports

Codification rules

The code includes activities that are carried out before or after the shipment. This covers, for example, activities such as cargo handling, use of transport infrastructure, preparation of documents for transport or labelling for shipment etc.


Related codes and definitions:
Airline offices may have three different NOGA codes depending on their activities:
791100: Transport reservation services (flight, vehicle rental, etc.)
511000: Passenger air transport
522300: Service activities incidental to air transportation

Further information:
Airport and air-traffic control activities, etc. ground service activities are coded 522300 …. These activities are not related to airlines.