620200 Computer consultancy activities

This type includes the planning and designing of computer systems which integrate computer hardware, software and communication technologies. Services may include related user training.

This type excludes:

  • sale of computer hardware or software (see 4651, 474100)
  • installation of mainframe and similar computers (see 332000)
  • installation (setting-up) of personal computers (see 620900)
  • installation of software, computer disaster recovery (see 620900)

advice in computer systems; analysis of user needs, user need; analysis of user problems; bespoke software, consulting; Computer consultancy; computer networks, hardware, solutions; computer networks, software package, solutions; computer systems, hardware, advice; computer systems, software package, advice; computers, advice; Cybersecurity; hardware and software package, development and advice; hardware, advice; PC, advice; programming of computer systems ready for use; programming of IT systems; services in teleinformatics; software package, development and advice; software, development and advice

Codification rules

If computer programming (620100) and computer consultancy (620200) activities are undertaken,
computer programming 620100 takes priority.