661900 Other activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding

This type includes activities auxiliary to financial intermediation n.e.c.:

  • financial transaction processing and settlement activities, including for credit card transactions
  • investment advisory services
  • activities of mortgage advisers and brokers

This type also includes:

  • trustee, fiduciary and custody services on a fee or contract basis

This type excludes:

  • activities of insurance agents and brokers (see 662200)
  • management of funds (see 663002)

advice of financial intermediaries; broker, mortgages; cash-pooling; Crowdfunding; Crypto Exchanges; Crypto wallet, digital wallet; Crypto-advice; Digital Lending; Digital payment providers; Digital Payment Providers; distributors of investment schemes; financial planning; Financial technology, FinTechs; Fintechs; investment advice; investment consulting; money transfert; mortgage brokers; Payment technology Paytechs, cashless payment; Paytechs; trustee; Wealth planning

Codification rules


661900: In start-ups, new projects
829900: For charitable projects