6630 Fund management activities

This class includes portfolio and fund management activities on a fee or contract basis, for individuals, businesses and others, such as:

  • management of mutual funds
  • management of other investment funds
  • management of pension funds

Corresponding CPA codes

  • 66.30.1 Fund management services
  • 66.30.11 Portfolio management services, except pension funds

    This subcategory includes:

    • managing portfolio assets of individuals, businesses and others, on a fee or commission basis, except for pension funds

    Managers make decisions on which investments to purchase or sell. Examples of the portfolios managed are the portfolios of mutual and other investment funds or trusts.

    This subcategory excludes:

    • the buying and selling of securities on a transaction fee basis, see 66.12.11
    • advisory services on personal financial planning not involving decision-making on behalf of clients, see 66.19.91
    • pension fund management services, see 66.30.12
  • 66.30.12 Pension fund management services

Codification rules

Pension funding 2nd pillar

653000: Pension funding
Pension funds according to BVG, Non-mandatory (only foundations, public law, cooperatives)

663001: Funds intermediation (if no indication)
Foundations and investment funds have to be coded in 643000 and not in 663001

663002 : If vested benefits foundation with bank, insurance company / Tied accounts

Note :
In the commercial register www.zefix.ch this type of unit is indicated as having a supervisory authority (keywords: Aufsichtsbehörde / Stiftungsaufsicht).