799002 Other reservation services and related activities

This type includes:

  • other travel-related reservation services:
  • reservations for transportation, hotels, restaurants, car rentals, entertainment and sport, etc.
  • ticket sales activities for theatrical, sports and other amusement and entertainment events
  • visitor assistance services:
  • provision of travel information to visitors
  • activities of tourist guides
  • tourism promotion activities

This type excludes:

  • the activities of travel agencies and tour operators (see 791100, 791200)
  • organisation and management of events such as meetings, conventions and conferences (see 823000)

agencies for tickets sale; Language stay; tickets agencies; tourist guides; tourist offices

Codification rules

Travel, transport and events

Travel agencies / Tour operator

791100: Travel agency (reservation of transport, accommodation, etc.)
Advises, recommends and sells travel arrangements to clients according to their needs

791200: Tour operator, travel escort
Assembles several supplier services (airlines, hotels, restaurants, guides, etc.) and sells them all inclusively

799001: Tourist accommodation reservation services
Reservation service for hotels and holiday accommodation

799002: Free-time activity and holiday reservation
Reservation service for transport, entertainment
Tour guides and provision of tourist information
Activities promoting tourism