821901 Secretarial activities

This type includes a variety of document preparation and specialised office support activities.

This type includes:

  • document preparation
  • document editing or proofreading
  • typing, word processing, or desktop publishing
  • secretarial support services
  • transcription of documents, and other secretarial services
  • letter or resume writing
  • provision of mailbox rental and other postal and mailing services, such as pre-sorting, addressing, etc

This type excludes:

  • developing and organising mail advertising campaigns (see 731100)
  • specialised stenotype services such as court reporting (see 829900)
  • public stenography services (see 829900)
  • database activities (see 631100)
  • accounting and bookkeeping activities (see 692000)

copying; correction of tests; medical secretary; post office dispatch, addressing, putting into envelopes; secretarial work, secretarial services; secretariat works; stenography; text editing; transcript from tape, diskette; typing office