8551 Sports and recreation education

Corresponding CPA codes

  • 85.51.1 Sports and recreation education services
  • 85.51.10 Sports and recreation education services

    This subcategory includes sports instruction services by sports camps and schools or by professional sports instructors, teachers or coaches to groups of individuals. It does not include the provision of such services by academic schools, colleges and universities. This subcategory includes:

    • sports instruction (baseball, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, tennis, figure skating, etc.)
    • camps, sports instruction
    • gymnastics instruction
    • riding instruction
    • swimming instruction
    • martial arts instruction
    • card game instruction (such as bridge)
    • yoga instruction

    This subcategory excludes:

    • recreational or vacation camps that include sports training or instruction, see 55.30.12
    • incidental sports and recreation instruction by academic schools, colleges or universities, see 85.10-85.42
    • cultural education services, see 85.52