855100 Sports and recreation education

This type includes the provision of instruction in athletic activities to groups of individuals such as by camps and schools. Overnight and day sports instruction camps are also included. It does not include academic schools, colleges and universities. Instruction may be provided in diverse settings, such as the unit's or client's training facilities, educational institutions or by other means. Instruction provided in this type is formally organised.

This type includes:

  • sports instruction (baseball, basketball, cricket, football, etc)
  • camps, sports instruction
  • gymnastics instruction
  • riding instruction, academies or schools
  • swimming instruction
  • professional sports instructors, teachers, coaches
  • martial arts instruction
  • card game instruction (such as bridge)
  • yoga instruction

This type excludes:

  • cultural education (see 855200)

Breathwork Training; coach; forest bathing guide; golf schools, golf teacher; horse arena; Horse Riding School; leaders; Meditation; meditation guide; Online Fitness Courses; Personal trainer; pilates, course; play shools; riding academies; riding centre, riding school; ski school; Sports coach; tantra teachings; tennis schools; time keeper; yoga schools

Codification rules

Horse riding arenas / riding centres are coded under 855100

Coaching is a method for developing the potential of individuals and organisations. Coaching can therefore be applied in different economic sectors, which is why the activity will be coded in the relevant sector where it is practiced. Without concrete information, the activity will be coded in NOGA 960900.

Examples :

Sports coaching: 855100
Music coaching: 855200
Business coaching: 702200
Life coaching: 960900