8899 Other social work activities without accommodation n.e.c.

This class includes:

  • social, counselling, welfare, refugee, referral and similar services which are delivered to individuals and families in their homes or elsewhere and carried out by government offices or by private organisations, disaster relief organisations and national or local self-help organisations and by specialists providing counselling services

This class excludes:

  • funding and administration of compulsory social security programmes (see 8430)
  • activities similar to those described in this class, but including accommodation (see 8790)

Corresponding CPA codes

  • 88.99.1 Other social work services without accommodation n.e.c.

    This category excludes:

    • funding and administration services of compulsory social security programmes, see 84.30.1
  • 88.99.11 Guidance and counselling services n.e.c. related to children

    This subcategory includes:

    • guidance and counselling services n.e.c. delivered to individuals and families, generally the children's parents, in their homes or elsewhere

    Such services may deal with behavioural, and other problems related to children, e.g., broken-home problems, school problems, development problems, prevention of cruelty to children, crisis intervention services, adoption services etc.

    This subcategory excludes:

    • education-related guidance counselling for children, see 85.60.10
  • 88.99.12 Welfare services without accommodation

    This subcategory includes:

    • welfare services not including accommodation services, e.g., eligibility-determination services in connection with welfare aid, rent supplements and food stamps
    • day facility services for the homeless and other socially weak groups
    • household budget counselling services
    • credit and debt counselling services
    • community and neighbouring services

    This subcategory excludes:

    • home health-care services, see 86.90.12
    • day-care centre services for elderly and disabled adults, see 88.10.12, 88.10.15
  • 88.99.13 Vocational rehabilitation services for the unemployed

    This subcategory includes:

    • vocational rehabilitation and habilitation services for persons who are unemployed, provided that the education component is limited

    This subcategory excludes:

    • vocational rehabilitation services where the education component is predominant, see division 85
    • vocational rehabilitation and habilitation services for disabled persons where the education component is limited, see 88.10.13
  • 88.99.19 Other social services without accommodation n.e.c.

    This subcategory includes:

    • other social services not including accommodation services, e.g. marriage guidance services, guidance services delivered to persons on parole or probation, social assistance services to disaster victims, refugees and immigrants, including temporary shelter services, charitable services like fund-raising or other supporting services aimed at social work