90 Creative, arts and entertainment activities

This division includes the operation of facilities and provision of services to meet the cultural and entertainment interests of their customers. This includes the production and promotion of, and participation in, live performances, events or exhibits intended for public viewing; the provision of artistic, creative or technical skills for the production of artistic products and live performances.

This division excludes:

  • the operation of museums of all kinds, botanical and zoological gardens; the preservation of historical sites; and nature reserves activities (see division 91)
  • gambling and betting activities (see division 92)
  • sports and amusement and recreation activities (see division 93)

Some units that provide cultural, entertainment or recreational facilities and services are classified in other divisions, such as:

  • motion picture and video production and distribution (see 5911, 5912, 5913)
  • motion picture projection (see 5914)
  • radio and television broadcasting (see 601, 602)