561001 Restaurants, cafes, snack bars, tea rooms, ice-cream parlours

This type includes:

  • providing food services to customers (as well as the sale of drinks accompanying these meals), whether they are served while seated or serve themselves from a display of items, whether they eat the prepared meals on the premises, take them out or have them delivered, with or without show performances. This includes the preparation and serving of meals for immediate consumption from motorised vehicles or non-motorised carts.

This type includes:

  • restaurants
  • self-service restaurants
  • fast-food restaurants
  • take-out eating places
  • ice cream parlours and ice cream truck vendors
  • mobile food carts
  • pizza delivery
  • food preparation in market stalls

This type also includes:

  • restaurant and bar activities connected to transportation, when carried out by separate units

This type excludes:

  • retail sale of food through vending machines (see 479900)
  • concession operation of eating facilities (see 562900)
  • restaurants management (see 561003)

café-restaurants; cafeteria; creperies; delivery service, home delivery service; fast food restaurant; Foodtruck; ice cream parlour; ice cream retailer, take away; Pizza delivery services; pub; quick restoration; restaurateur; sandwicheries; self-services, restaurants; snack bar; take away; tea room; wagon restaurants, services

Codification rules

Food service and hospitality activities

The code 561003 must not be used.

Related codes and definitions:

If the valued added mainly comes from the sale of:
• Beverages: code under bars
563001: bar, café, etc.
563002: discotheque, night club, etc.
• Meals: code under restaurants
561001: restaurant, take-away, mobile food carts, etc.
561002: restaurant providing accommodation
562100: catering service
562900: mass catering, cafeteria and staff canteen

Further information:
If the food delivery is also prepared by the delivery person
561001: If the food is also prepared by the delivery person
532000: Delivery only, the food is prepared by another enterprise
562100: The food is prepared by another enterprise but it is the delivery company that buys the ingredients and takes the risks
479900: Sale of food and drinks in vending machines